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Building Your Internal Compass

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When it comes to getting in touch with the truest version of yourself, the best thing you can do is build and lean on your internal compass. Your values, goals, traits, and essence will give you means to find clarity, reconnect with your intuition, and guide you along life's journey. So, where do you start? First you’ll need to put together your core values. What makes you tick? What foundations create your value with every decision you make? Is it authenticity? Is it knowledge? Connection? Something else? Narrow your core values down to 3 (yes “just” 3), to get a clear jumping off point for your decisions and actions. Next, design the lead character in your story. Our thoughts drive our emotions, actions, choices, and characteristics. If that’s the case, what is your lead character (YOU!) creating in your life. Are the thoughts that are currently leading your path ones your okay with? Do you want to switch them up? Now’s the time to take these things back to the drawing board and re-create the lead role in your life. And lastly, emotional goals - More often than not, how we land on our goals is something we can measure. A promotion, a number, things like that. What if we re-framed goals to align with a feeling? If you could choose how you want to feel (ahem, you can) what would that look like? Try to keep it down to 1 or 2 emotional goals. And these are overall emotions you want to feel *consistently*.

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